Beer from Herslev Bryghus is also available for sale outside Denmark. If you are interested in importing Herslev beer, please contact us by phone or e-mail:

Tlf.: +45 46 40 18 07
E-mail: post@herslevbryghus.dk

Herslev Brewery in Norway

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Hedgehaugsveien 31
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About Herslev Bryghus - in English

Herslev Bryghus is an organic brewery located in the idyllic town of Herslev 50 km west of Copenhagen. 

We have a wide variety of beer. Our regular range include e.g. Pilsner, Pale Ale and Porter, we have seasonal brews for Christmas, Easter, Harvest  and other occasions and we have a number of vintage style beers like Barley Wine and barrel-aged Stjernebryg among others. 

We also produce aquavit using our own barley, and a special beer vinegar, which is excellent for cooking. 

As an organic brewery we do our very best to use local products, and since January 2013 our production has been fully organic using barley from a local farmer. The brewery is located on a farm with 30 ha land surrounding it, and by using the crops from these fields, we are self-sufficient with barley. All our fields are organic certified from the august 2014.

Quality, nature and craftsmanship is key at Herslev Bryggeri. We only use the best, local ingredients. We do not use additives or preservatives. We nurse our beer all the way through the process. 

We like to try new things, which has led us to popular beers like the Asparagus Wheat, The Harvest Brew (brewed with rosehip flowers and shells), and Rugøl (with rye and honey) - again another opportunity for us to look at what nature around us can supply.  

You can study our range of beer, aquavit and vinegar here (in Danish)

For more info on the range and prices: post@herslevbryghus.dk 

If you are interested in learning more about the beer, aquavit and vinegars from Herslev Bryghus, please contact founder and CEO Tore Jørgensen.